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The story of ACROYAK   
The group was started in 1996 by the co-owners of a YAK52, registration number RA1318K.
They had discovered their passion for aircraft acrobatics in 1992 thanks to a ZLIN 526 F.
After some searching of Patrick Behr in Kachastan and Kirgistan, the ZLIN was replaced by a YAK 52 two years later. This YAK 52 was located at the AERO-Concept firm in Moscow in a perfect condition, complete with red stripes on white.
Much experience has since been gathered during numerous flight-meetings in France, Germany and Luxembourg. In 2001 Volker Erndt joined the group with his YAK 52.
In the winter of 2002 the group decided to acquire a YAK 50, the legendary plane which had been repeetedly aerobatics world-champion.
The YAK 50, registration number RA1060K arrived at the beginning of April 2003 in Pirmasens, where the ACROYAK aircraft are seated.
Both engine and cell were thoroughly overhauled, painted and reassembled under the supervision of a Russian expert.
It took however a few more weeks until the last hitches had been ironed out and everything was working perfectly.
As a result the YAK 50 took off on its "maiden" flight in the presence of the German television team SWR.
In the 2004 season the YAK 50 togehther with two YAK 52's were first able to take part in meetings and the pilots began to train for formation fly.
thanks to the professionel help of former pilots and trainers of the Patrouille de France, Stephen Trolliet and Bertrand Boillot with assistance of former aerobatics championship participant Michel Defaye of Paris.
This resulted in the autumn of 2004 in an impressive 3-plane display with the pilots of ACROYAK.
During the summer of 2005 it came to Volker Erndt to convey the YAK 52 of car-race-champion Jutta Kleinschmidt from Alaska to Pirmasens. Soon after he flew to Alsaka with Thomas Deuster in order to dismantle the YAK 52 before storing it expertly in a container.
The latter arrived in Pirmasens in November 2005. After a few weeks during it was repaired, tested and given a Russian registration number, Volker Erndt was finally able to fly it in the spring of 2006.
Jutta Kleinschmidt, who has been kind enough to let ACROYAK use her machine, visited the crew in Pirmasens in April 2006, enthusiastically taking part in a formation and areobatics flight demonstration.
For about 10 years we have taken part in about 15 meetings per year, even French Air Force meetings with up to 200.000 visitors.
Presently there are plans involving a YAK 11, YAK 3U or an L39 / Albatros.
In case you should want to call us outside meetings you will be welcome to contact Patrick Behr in France or Volker Erndt in Germany, or send us an email.
Incidentally: we are looking for experienced aerobatics enthusiasts!
Presentation of the group :
the pilots :
Patrick Behr - Thomas Deuster - Volker Erndt
the mecanics :
Sylvain Quirin - Volker Erndt - Thomas Deuster - Andreï Glykov (Ingénieur Véritas russe)
coaching by :
Bertrand Boillot (ancien PAF) - Stephen Trolliet (ancien leader patrouille mirage F1) - Michel Defaye (pilote Air France et compétiteur de voltige)

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